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Winter Outdoor Safety

December 2016

While playing outdoors this winter, remember these simple rules:

  1. Don’t throw snowballs at other children.
  2. When riding on a snowmobile, you shouldn’t wear a long scarf.
  3. If your skin gets frozen, it could cause frostbite.
  4. It’s dangerous to ride a toboggan or sled near the road.
  5. Don’t try to knock down large icicles from high above you.
  6. In cold weather, it’s important to wear gloves or mittens.
  7. Don’t dig tunnels into deep snow.
  8. It’s best to stay inside during a heavy storm or blizzard.
  9. Be careful walking on ice, because it’s slippery.
  10. When playing in the snow, wear a heavy pair of socks on your feet.
  11. A snow plow is a big winter machine you should be careful of.
  12. If you’ve lost your mittens, rubbing snow on your hands won’t make them feel warmer.
  13. Never skate on thin ice.