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Fire Safety

November 2014

Things you should know in case of a fire.

When you dial 911 to report a fire, what do they need to know? The fire department will need to know your address. You should practice saying your address with Mom and Dad.

If there is smoke in the hallway and you have to go through it to escape, what should you do? Stop, Drop, and Crawl. That is right! Get on your hands and knees where you will find more air to breathe and as quickly as you can, find the exit.

What do you do if your clothes catch fire? Remember if your clothes catch fire, STOP, DROP to the floor, and ROLL to smother the flames.

When you leave your house because of a fire, remember you should never go back into your house until Mom or Dad says it is safe to do so. Go to your fire escape meeting place and stay there.