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Playground Safety

May 2015

Hey kids! The playground is a really fun place to spend time with friends and have fun in the spring. But, there are some easy rules you should follow to stay safe at the playground, too.  

1. Always wait your turn. You have to make sure nobody else is using (or trying to use) the slide or the swings, or else you might accidentally use it at the same time and hurt them.

2. Slide down feet first.

3. Hold on to railings so you’re less likely to trip, slip and fall.

4. No pushing or shoving.

5. Sit down on swings and slides.

6. Do not wear your bike helmet while on a play structure. The straps could get caught on something.

7. Do not wear clothing with drawstrings (hoodies, jackets) while on a play structure. They could get caught on something when you’re running or jumping around.

8. Never tie anything like a skipping rope to a play structure.

Also, do not put any part of your body, like your hands or feet or head, into spaces where you could get stuck or fall in. A lot of boys and girls get hurt because of falls! And if you are going to the playground with your friends, keep an eye on them to make sure they are playing safe too. If something isn’t right, speak up! 

Oh look, it’s my turn to go down the slide again! Are you coming? Be safe and have fun!