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Scavenger Hunt

March 2017

Bird feathers are beautiful, but can be dangerous to handle, so it is better to just look at them.  You can’t pick them up, but you can draw them in a notebook. You can often spy a bird’s nest where you find bird feathers. Try to find a nest in the branches of trees, but please do not disturb.

Some mushrooms and berries may be good for birds and other animals, but they may be poisonous to touch or eat. Do not touch them but draw a map as to where you found them.

It is also not a good idea to handle broken glass and other garbage. Tell an adult where you saw the garbage and they can help discard it, so it does not harm anyone.

After applying some sunscreen and putting on your sun hat, you will need to bring “collection containers” (plastic jugs with handles, bags, jars) and a notebook and colouring pencils if you want to keep a journal. See “Activities” page for scavenger hunt list.