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This month Elmer talks about staying safe at the playground.

The Canadian Paediatric Society reported in 2013 study that approximately 28,000 children are injured on playgrounds every year. Additionally, the Canadian Institute for Health Information reported 1,654 hospitalizations and deaths due to playground injuries in 2011. Children need to know that they can get hurt if they aren’t safety-conscious while having fun.

The information this month explains simple rules to children, such as taking their turn and not shoving or pushing others at the playground. This advice resounds with the reality that 24 per cent of playground-related deaths are caused by falls. These falls are preventable.

The most common cause of playground deaths is strangulation. This is why Elmer tells children that they should never wear their bike helmets, hoodies or jackets with drawstrings while on play structures.

Parental supervision is essential to reducing the number and severity of playground incidents. Accompany your children to the playground, or make sure they are being supervised by a responsible adult or older sibling.