Message from Elmer the Safety Elephant

Fire safety means that you are smart and safe. It means that you know how to prevent fires from starting and you know what to do if there is a fire.

Here are some important tips to stay safe:
  • If you see matches or a lighter, tell an adult. They should be locked up or out of your reach.
  • Be very careful in the kitchen because many fires start there. Make sure there is an adult in the kitchen with you and stay away from the stove when there is something cooking.
  • Portable heaters that warm you up can also be dangerous. Remember to stay at least three feet away from them. They should also be three feet away from walls and furniture and they must be turned off if you leave the room.
  • I love a fire crackling in the fireplace. There should be a sturdy screen in front of it, or a door that closes. Now it is safe.
  • Can you count the smoke alarms in your house? There should be one on every floor. Maybe you can push the test button this month to make sure they are still working at keeping your family safe.
  • Pick up your toys and clutter in the hallways and exits in your home. If firefighters need to walk through the house, you don’t want them tripping.
  • Ask mom or dad to make sure that electrical cords are in good condition, flammable liquids are safely stored, all cigarettes are safely disposed of and that candles are burning safely and are snuffed out before leaving the room.

If you and your mom and dad, follow all these safety tips, you will be smart and be safe.

What if there is a fire and you are in your room?

If the smoke alarm did not wake you up in time to leave by your door, don’t worry you have another escape route. Never hide under your bed or in your closet. You must get out of your house.

Your fire escape plan has shown you that a second escape is possible. Usually that is through your bedroom window.

First, close your door and seal the cracks with a blanket. (If you can wet the blanket… that would be great. Is there an aquarium in your room?)

Then open the window (break it open if you have to and put a thick blanket on top of any broken glass). You probably know the best way to get out and what to do, because you have practiced this with mom and dad. Do you remember where the meeting place outside is? Go to it right away.

Finally, remember… If there is some smoke and you have to go through it to escape: Stop, Drop and Crawl. That is right! Get on your hands and knees where you will find more air to breathe and as quickly as you can, find the exit.