Message from Elmer the Safety Elephant

I have been on a train to travel, but I have never been on railway tracks except at railway crossings.

It is very dangerous to be near railway tracks because trains do not have brakes like cars. If you are on the railway tracks, it is virtually impossible for a train to stop in time.

The tracks are on private property and it is illegal to walk on them or around them. Here are some important safety tips for railway tracks.

  • Obey all railway signs and signals.
  • Cross tracks only at proper railway crossings
  • Always stop, look and listen before crossing railway tracks.
  • Walk quickly across the tracks only when it is safe to cross.
  • If you are riding a bicycle, you still have to stop, look and listen. Then walk your bicycle across when it is safe.
  • Never play on or near the railway tracks.
  • Never throw things at trains or place things on railway tracks.

Tracks are for trains. Be smart and be safe.